Ready At Dawn Makes Its Own Game Engine, Insults Others

October 13, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss

Ready at Dawn Engine

Californian developer Ready At Dawn, creators of the award winning God of War: Chains of Olympus on the PSP, may be working on “an original PS3/Xbox 360 title”, as well as on an “unannounced console platform”, but that hasn’t stopped the independant developer announcing that they are also working on a console game engine.

Company President Didier Malenfant slighted other console game engines for being too PC-centric and added that they were littered with middleware components:

“We are building something for developers who are tired of the challenges of PC engines shoe-horned into consoles, or trying to stitch together layers upon layers of middleware from multiple vendors,”

Continuing that:

“Our solution will be a complete game development platform that simply works.”

The developer’s website also explained that:

“The Ready At Dawn Engine is a complete game development platform designed for video game consoles. It is comprised of a very flexible data-driven tool pipeline and a highly optimized true console engine capable of scaling up from handheld platforms like the Sony PSP to high-end home consoles like the Sony PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Our platform also ships with ready-integrated best of class solutions for sound design, user interface and movie playback. It works right out of the box and lets you focus on what matters most: making your game.”

Additionally, Ready at Dawn are recruiting to add support for an entirely “unannounced console platform” to their engine.