Kratos Rides Cole McGrath’s Coattails in Japan

October 17, 2009Written by Dan Massi


When May came around, one of the biggest releases that month was Sucker Punch’s latest title inFAMOUS. Following the story of ordinary-turned-superhero Cole McGrath, the game was a hit among players, and not just for the game. The first beta for Uncharted 2 came alongside it, and it seems another massive PlayStation title will be doing the same when inFAMOUS releases in Japan.

Though inFAMOUS releases October 15th 2009 for Japan, gamers will get a lucky treat for their purchase. A promotion gives gamers the privilege of getting codes for the God of War III demo. The demo will go live on November 19th, and codes can be redeemed for that point to February 2010.

Unhappy that North America or Europe is not getting a standalone demo? Well, fear not. North America and Europe will be receiving the God of War Collection, which features both God of War I and II. Both titles are being remastered for PS3, and will come with something everyone loves, trophies. Plus, the title will come with the E3 demo of God of War III. The God of War Collection hits November 10th 2009.