3D Dot Game Heroes Unsheathes its Sword with Trailer

October 20, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


From Software has been getting a lot of attention with their soon to be released 3D Dot Game Heroes for its unique gameplay and extreme likeness to Nintendo’s Zelda franchise. The game features a setting, combat, even music very familiar to Legend of Zelda. Though to their credit From Software has not shied away from letting everyone know up front exactly where their influence has come from.

A recently released trailer shows a bit of the history in the game as well as letting everyone play the game of “My Sword is Bigger than Yours.” The comparison’s to past games aside, this game is looking great and From Software is starting to make a new for themselves with PS3 owners, especially after the critical acclaim that Demon’s Souls has received.


3D Dot Game Heroes is set for release November 5th in Japan, no word yet on a Western release. Stay Connected to PlayStation LifeStyle as more news for this title comes out.