Guerrilla Games Suggest Future Killzone Title

October 24, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


Rumors of Killzone 3 have been floating around the net for weeks if not months now. The release of Guerrilla Game’s epic title Killzone 2 was a key point in the PlayStation 3’s development to becoming the solid AAA-game delivering system that it is today. But these rumors might actually have base with new information emerging that suggests that perhaps a new title is in the works by the same development team that worked on Killzone 2.

Guerrilla Games, the creator behind the Killzone series, have a series of LinkedIn profiles which all feature information that seems to suggest that they are working on Killzone 3. For example, Lead Level Designer at Guerrilla Games’ own Chris Haluke’s profiles states the following:

Lead Level Design
Guerrilla Games

July 2009 — Present (4 months)

Working with an incredibly talented Design Team, on an unannounced project.

Although Guerrilla Games have also produced a game titled Shellshock: Nam ’67, there’s a very good chance that the unannounced project is an upcoming Killzone title. At any rate, the mere thought of another next-generation Killzone title should boil the excitement of both Killzone fans and shooter fans alike.