Warhawk Enlists 1 Million Players

October 27, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


In late 2007, Incognito deployed a revolutionary PlayStation Network-exclusive multiplayer title that became the first simultaneous network and retail release at the low price of $40. In less than six months, Warhawk surpassed 500,000 registered players but since dropped off gamers’ radars as soon as support for the title ceased last year. However, two years after the multiplayer battlefield TPS launched, Incognito’s gem has reached platinum status.

According to the game’s official leaderboard website, Warhawk has surpassed 1,000,000 total players.


Because the title is multiplayer-only, sales expectations cannot be be compared directly with formal retail releases because there is no incentive for people without internet access to purchase Warhawk. In any case, compared to the 29 million registered PSN users worldwide, it is clear that the early-released Warhawk still remains relevant as a popular online PS3 title.