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Sony Looking Into More Branded Players

October 29, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


From VidZone to the BBC iPlayer, these native streamed media services for the PlayStation 3 have undoubtedly been a hit for PS3 users. But wouldn’t it be great if we had native support for other media players such as Hulu or (and in other regions for that matter)? Fortunately, Sony is seeing eye-to-eye with us on this one.

Speaking with INC Gamers, a representative from Sony revealed that Sony is indeed looking into expanding it’s offerings of streamed media on the PS3, going so far as saying Sony is “looking at all options”. While no specifics were given, one logical possibility is getting some players stateside with content geared towards the western audience.

With the PS3 client account for 10% of total BBC iPlayer traffic, it would be in SCE’s best interest to expand it’s offerings. And with Netflix coming soon to PS3 users, it looks as if SCEA is taking a step in that direction.