Tekken 6 – Trophy Guide

November 6, 2009Written by Crotin


Learning is Fun (Bronze)
Clear the tutorial stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-Very straight forward, clear the tutorial level in scenario mode you need to play in order to begin the storyline to receive the trophy.

Moving On Up (Bronze) Win a Ranked Match in Online Mode.
-Pick a character you’re good with and win. There’s no way to boost this so you’ll have to rely on your skill or lucky to receive this trophy.

No Pressure (Bronze)Win a Player Match in Online Mode.
-Invite or join a friend in a player match and win to receive this trophy.

Fighting Amateur (Bronze)Play 3 matches in Online Mode.
-Just play 3 matches in online mode, this can be done in player or ranked match, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Fighting Enthusiast (Bronze) Play 10 matches in Online Mode.
-Just play 10 matches in online mode, this can be done in player or ranked match, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Arcade Addict (Bronze)Clear the Arcade Battle in Offline Mode.
-Easiest way to receive this trophy is to set the difficulty on easy and time to 30 seconds. Pick someone you’re good with and out-damage or kill your opponent if you’re good enough before the time is up and you’ll win. This will be useful against the final boss Azazel.

Team Toppler (Bronze)Defeat 3 teams in Team Battle in Offline Mode.
-Pick Team Battle in Offline Mode and set it to one player vs one player. Pick someone you’re good with and pick someone you think you can win against as your opponent. After you win, just choose rematch 2 more times and win to receive the trophy. It doesn’t have to be 3 times in a row FYI, just 3 victories is needed.

Survival of the Fittest (Bronze) Earn 10 consecutive wins in Survival in Offline Mode.
-This one could be tough if you’re not good, but pick your best character and win 10 times in a row to receive this trophy. You should memorize at least one 10-hit combo to bail you out of tough situations.

Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze)
Inflict a total of 1000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode.
-This was the first trophy I received. Just go to practice mode, choose a character, and dish out 1000 points of damage to the standing dummy. It doesn’t need to be a full combo that takes 1000 of damage, the total damage is accumulated.

Ghost Vanquisher (Bronze)
Defeat 30 Ghosts.
-Go to Ghost Mode in Offline Mode, choose your best character, and defeat 30 ghosts to receive this trophy. It doesn’t need to be in a row, 30 victories is all that’s needed.
Love That Money (Bronze) Collect more than 5,000,000 G.
-You should get this during your normal playthrough of Scenario Mode. It doesn’t matter if you spend it, all you need to do is collect over 5,000,000.

Showdown (Silver)Win the final battle in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-This trophy is a part of the storyline in Scenario Mode. Just keep playing, you can’t miss it.

What a Nightmare (Silver)Clear the Nightmare Train stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-This is pretty much the hardest trophy in the game. After you beat Scenario Mode, Nightmare Train stage will unlock. You must defeat a horde of devil monsters and Devil Jin to receive this trophy. Load you and your partner up on items that increase your ATK & DEF, freezing and electrocute items, and health bar increasing items to better your chances. Also try to do the whole level without using the gatling gun that’s on the train. Wait for Devil Jin to come out and then shoot him off the train with it.

Wooden Warrior (Silver) Clear the Subterranean Pavilion stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-Defeat Mokujin in his secret stage to receive this trophy. To unlock his stage, all you have to do is beat Leo’s level on Hard difficulty. Mokujin’s level is pretty easy to beat also if you use the Nightmare Train tips.

Eastern Explorer (Silver) Clear the Kigan Island stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-Defeat Yoshimitsu in his secret stage to receive this trophy. To unlock his stage, you must play Steve’s level on Hard difficulty (which unlocks after you beat Scenario Mode), and defeat the masked ninja that comes out at the very beginning. As a note, defeating him is pretty difficult since his henchmen constantly respawn out to help him. Try concentrating on Yoshimitsu as much as you can and use the same tips for the Nightmare Train for his stage.

Item Connoisseur (Silver)Obtain a Rank S Item in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-Easiest way to receive this trophy is to play the Nightmare Train stage or the secret stages with high item drop rate gear equipped. A Rank S Item will come out eventually.

Treasure Master (Silver) Collect 200 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-See “Treasure Enthusiast”

Enemy Hunting Master (Silver) Defeat 2000 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-See “Enemy Hunting Amateur”

Scenario Expert (Silver) Clear all of the stages in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-This trophy includes all of the storyline stages and the secret stages. There are 3 secret stages: Yoshimitsu, Mokujin, and Roger Jr. I have added how to unlock Yoshimitsu and Mokujin’s stage under their respective trophies. To unlock Roger Jr.’s stage, you must take every Right path in Christie’s stage and defeat Christie. Roger Jr.’s stage is also the best stage to accumulate kills. You will get this trophy and “Upgraded Assistant” at the same time.

Combo Master (Silver)
Perform a 50 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-See “Combo Amateur”

Fighting Master (Silver)Play 30 matches in Online Mode.
-Just play 30 matches in online mode, this can be done in player or ranked match, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Machine Crusher (Silver)Defeat NANCY-MI847J.
-This is arguably the hardest trophy in the game other than Nightmare Train. Nancy is the robot in the bonus stage you fight while playing Arcade Mode. The easiest way to do it is using King and tapping up or down to sidestep, and while sidestepping push LK+RK (X+O) to do a side drop kick move. This will keep you safe from many of Nancy’s attacks while causing decent damge. After you hit the ground, push square to side roll and then up to stand straight up and repeat the sidestep move again. Remember not to get too close since she has a spinning move that knocks you far back. Also be careful of her “trap door” move and that you don’t roll into the hole in the ground.

No Key For Me (Gold) –  Clear the Millennium Tower stage without the boot-up key in Scenario Campaign Mode.
-This trophy is actually pretty easy. Just beat Anna’s level without choosing Nancy to receive this trophy. If you’re have trouble, always go for the gunmen first so they don’t interrupt your fighting between the melee enemies.

Gallery Completionist (Gold) Complete the Gallery.
-The only parts of the gallery you will need to worry about is the Prologue and the Movie Theater endings since you get everything else while playing Scenario mode. In order to unlock the Prologue of a character, you must fight with them in the Arena in Scenario Mode. Remember that Kuma/Panda are different prologues. To use Kuma push any punch button (Square or Triangle) and to use Panda push any kick button (X or O). Also remember that Armor King and Jin have 2 endings which you should get if you go all the way in Arena, Kuma and Panda have their different ending, and Alisa and Lars have no prologue or ending. Also take note that you can unlock character endings just by playing a normal arcade/vs/online game, so you might not need to win with everyone in Arena to receive their endings. But you must at least play with everyone once in Arena to unlock their Prologue.

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