Trophy List for 3D Dot Game Heroes Revealed

November 8, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


The trophy list for 3D Dot Game Heroes, which has released in Japan is available to view and it has plenty of secrets included with 34 trophies that will be a surprise.

13 1 2 1 34

  • Defeated a Monster! – Kill an Enemy with the Sword.
  • Shot a Monster! – Kill an Enemy with the Bow and Arrow.
  • Blew Up a Monster! – Kill an Enemy with the Bomb.
  • Already got used to it? – Play the game for 5 hours.
  • Your Protected Yourself! – Guard an Enemies Attack.
  • Defeated a Giant Enemy! – Kill a Guardian.
  • You Casted a Spell! – Use Shader* Magic. (*not sure if that is correct)
  • Look After Your Health! – You’ve obtained the maximum amount of LIFE!
  • Use Magic! – You’ve obtained the maximum amount of MAGIC!
  • Registered a Monster! – Register an Enemy in the Encyclopaedia.
  • Your Sword Has Got Stronger! – Improve your Sword.
  • Someone Wants To Join In! – Create an Edit Character.
  • Took A Memento Photo! – Take a Photo.

  • Travelled Around The World! – Go to all Maps.

  • Encyclopaedia Completed! – Complete the Encyclopaedia.
  • Collected All Swords! – Obtain Every Sword.

34 Secret Trophies

3D Dot Game Heroes released on the 5th of this month in Japan and has been said by Sony to be releasing in NA at sometime.