Ubisoft’s UPLAY Program Launching With ACII

November 16, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

All there is so far...

All there is so far...

Ubisoft is set to release Assassin’s Creed II upon the world in just a few days. With it will come the activation of a new service titled “UPlay,” a new way for players to get rewarded for playing their games.

ubisoft-logoThe way the system works is that in addition to Trophies and Achievements, you gain reward points in Ubisoft’s own system. You can then redeem these points for various virtual rewards. A few examples of this would be redeeming the points for exclusive themes, or extra in-game equipment such as more throwing knives for Ezio, or just a basic costume change. Stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle as more details develop on this new system Ubisoft has crafted.