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Teen Forced to Buy a PS3 At Gunpoint

November 17, 2009 Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Buy me a PS3 NOW!

Buy me a PS3 NOW!

From time to time you hear about the deplorable acts people commit in order to secure their favorite console. This is one of those instances.

The would-be thief.

The would-be thief.

No, it wasn’t a stabbing or a shooting. Nor was anyone physically hurt in the process. A teenager was held at gunpoint and directed to enter a Wal-Mart store to purchase a shotgun for the assailant. Kyle Yarkosky was the victim, and David Daniels as well as an “asian” accomplice were the suspects. They held David up by an assault rifle not unlike that which you would see in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The gun counter has separate hours from the rest of Wal-Mart, and rightfully so, and was closed upon the time of the incident. So Daniels was then forced to purchase a PlayStation 3 since the crook did not want to go home empty-handed. Afterward, the thief was arrested but his accomplice is still at large. Expect further details as this horrifying story develops on PlayStation LifeStyle. Let’s hope the accomplice is caught and the two of them get what’s coming to them.