PSN Review – Braid

November 30, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Items within the world are affected differently by time travel as well, with each world introducing a unique quirk.  Green items and enemies are completely unaffected by your rewind ability, for example, while items in purple usually require you to create an “echo” which effectively allows you to work with yourself as a team.  Another set of levels features an item that allows you to slow down time within a limited area, and there is a particularly inventive set of levels where time only moves as you move, forcing you to consider both space and time to complete the puzzles.

Braid8Controlling Tim is an easy affair.  To defeat enemies encountered along your journey, simply jump on them.  The enemies range from the little mole men that die from a jump on the head to plants that resemble the Piranha Plants in the Mario series.

Also worth mentioning is that as you progress through the game, things will change back at Tim’s home.  To progress to the sixth world, you must collect and place all the puzzle pieces in the other worlds to unlock a ladder that will take you up to the final world.  After the final world is completed speed runs will be available to those who feel they have mastered Braid. For the perfectionist there are eight stars scattered throughout the game that appear back in Tim’s home as they are discovered.

Braid provides a beautiful artistic backdrop for its time-bending puzzles. The 2D graphics and environments are reminiscent of the old days of gaming, yet they have the visual flourish and HD resolution of modern day gaming. The soundtrack is a collection of beautiful instrumental pieces which fit perfectly with the dreamy backdrops and atmosphere.

Braid is an innovative title that is a perfect compliment to the PlayStation Network. The hard work that went into this game shows in nearly every aspect, as it’s a near perfect experience: it is approachable enough for casual players, but offers depth that will be enjoyed by the hardcore players. The combination of gameplay, graphics, and music make this a must have title.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

A phenomenal title that should be played by all gamers

Top notch 2D graphics

Time controls and other great puzzle elements

9 out of 10

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