PSN Review – Madden NFL Arcade

December 1, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


As for the controls, the player can deliver a big hit with the X button. It is necessary to use the correct pursuit angles given the high speeds in the game. A wrong angle can easily lead to an opponent’s touchdown, especially considering some of the crazy game changers that can be done via the slot wheel at the top of the screen. These abilities are random to both users and only last for one play. Some of the changers that I saw while playing were:

  • Entourage – gives a player a full 11 man squad.
  • Molasses – everything slows down tremendously in slow motion.
  • Bonus Play – gives you an extra play in that series.
  • Triple Threat – the quarterback will throw 3 balls at once to his targets so the defense doesn’t know the true target.
  • Fast Pass – the quarterback will launch a bullet pass to his receiver.
  • Fling Blind – used by the defense so the offense can’t see the corresponding buttons to the receivers.
  • Fumblitis – fumbles will occur.
  • Make It Take It – if a touchdown is made you will get the ball back.
  • Turbo – the play will progress at a very high speed.
  • Flip Flop – the scores will flip flop between the users.

These are just some of the abilities within the game. There are several more to experience within the game. This is just another element that adds a lot of excitement to the title, and it will definitely keep you on your toes.


The only two game modes are the Play Now option and the Online mode. Play Now tests your skills against the computer or a local player, but the game really shines in the Online mode. Here your record will be tracked and your rank compared to everyone else that has played the game. If you have played Madden before this will all look familiar.

Overall the game is a great pickup for a quick football fix. The only drawbacks are that the menus seem sluggish at times when trying to navigate through them, there are no stats, and the price is a bit high. None of these impact the great gameplay you will experience within the game though, so there are no worries there. If you are a football fan, this is definitely something to check out. If you are someone that is curious and typically hates Madden because of the over-complication that can occur within the game, this is the football game for you. It is simplified, yet highly addictive.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Great for a quick football fix

Online is where the game really shines.

Fun, over the top arcade style gameplay

8 out of 10

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