Level-5 to Resurrect the Dark Cloud Series?

December 4, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


Last generation, Level-5’s Dark Cloud series stood among the best of the dozens of RPGs that were released. Now that Level-5 has concentrated on their brand new IP, White Knight Chronicles, fans of old have wondered if the Dark Cloud series was gone for good. Although White Knight Chronicles 2 is already in development, there is still a chance that Level-5 will bring back this outstanding RPG series that few have forgotten.

On top of the official announcement for the release date of White Knight Chronicles International Edition was the news that the International Edition would include the Georama gameplay elements that were seen in the Dark Cloud series. In response to that, a Dark Cloud fan stated the following:

Georama? Wait, WHAT!? Is this game like Dark Cloud!? Oh, please say it is! I’ve been waiting for a new Dark Cloud game since I beat the second one… like ten times!

In reply to the fan comment, Level-5’s Associate Product Manager, Christian Cardona, replied with the following:

You’ll be seeing some stuff real soon on that and I think you’ll be pretty happy about it =)

It seems that the team over at Level-5 haven’t forgotten about the thousands of Dark Cloud fans across the globe. The question is, will Level-5 unveil a brand-new next-generation Dark Cloud title, or will they release a collection of Dark Cloud 1 & Dark Cloud 2 similar to what Santa Monica Studios did with the God of War Collection? Hopefully Level-5 will announce something soon, as this falls short of official but is indeed promising.