Locust Invasion Not in PS3’s Near Future

December 5, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Since the PlayStation 3‘s anticipated launch back in 2006, rumors of once Xbox 360 exclusives hitting the console have been massive. Mass Effect, a PC and Xbox 360 console exclusive, has been on the rumor mill quite some time. Like BioWare has before, Epic Games designer Cliffy B has come to address the rumors of Gears of War on the PS3.

Regarding the Gears of War series coming to PlayStation 3 or not, Cliffy B truthfully addressed the rumor.

“Honestly there’s really no plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon, which I can confirm.”

So, there you have it. Don’t expect Gears of War to appear on PS3 anytime soon. While this is unsurprising, it is unfortunate to finally get a concrete denial. Post your thoughts below if you wanted Gears of War on PS3.