Developer Makes Bold PSPgo predictions

December 7, 2009Written by Thomas Williams


Since Since the launch of the PSPgo back in October, the contreversial handheld system has been bombarded with nothing but criticism as Sony attempts to make the first truly digital handheld successful. Now the founder of a MAJOR game developer studio has jumped on the hate train.

Jon Burton, founder of Traveller’s Tales games, in an interview with, had some strong words to say about Sony’s newest handheld.

“I own a PSPgo but don’t want to buy LittleBigPlanet, for instance, as I can get it 20 per cent cheaper on UMD from Amazon and could resell it once I’m finished with it” said Burton. “But if I download it, I get no discount, and no chance to resell – how annoying is that?”

Jon wasn’t done yet. He thing went on to make a MAJOR prediction for the PSP go.

“I’m betting on Sony making PSPgo games much cheaper than the UMD versions, or the PSPgo will die.”

Ouch. There’s only one huge problem that Sony would be facing if they indeed lowered the prices on digital games. Retailer backlash. Many gaming retails already refused to stock in the PSPgo in UK and if Sony was to undermine retailers and take potential profits, the backlash could be devastating for Sony.

What do you think? I think everyone can agree that the PSPgo needs a price adjustment and Jon makes some good points about the pricing of the games. If you’re not getting a disc, case, booklet, and you can’t resell it, then why shouldn’t it be cheaper?