PS3 To Get Minis This Holiday

December 7, 2009Written by Thomas Williams


With the launch of the PSPgo, Sony introduced us to PSP ‘Minis’, bite-size PSP games, which are under 100 MB in size and under $10 in cost. It seems that Sony might just be bringing these Mini games to a console we all know and love.

With THREE different sites reporting the news, the proof just might be in the pudding that Sony plans on bringing the PSP Minis to the PlayStation 3 by Christmas this year. Of course, the titles would launch on the PS3 with an increased resolution, but no information on if the prices would be increased too.  When asked about the Matter, Sony wasn’t going to confirmed nor deny the possibility.

We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.

Remember,Sony also didn’t comment on the PS3 Slim and PSPgo when information was leaked onto the Internet. Sony claims there will be 50 PSP Minis available by the end of 2009 and it would be a GREAT Christmas present if many of those titles were unleashed on the PS3 via the PSN.