God of War 3 Embargo is Withholding Awesomeness

December 9, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


The God of War series has been one of the most successful gaming series in the past decade, and the upcoming sequel God of War 3 looks to carry the trend. The recent demo and E3 information have provided fans with enough information to know that this upcoming hack-and-slash action game shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, according to recent information there should be a huge influx of God of War 3 news come January.

Jeff Rubenstein from the Official PlayStation Blog recently made a comment regarding the embargo that has been put on God of War 3. Jeff Rubenstein stated the following on Twitter:

Me too RT @scxzor I really wish I could tell you how awesome God of War III is. Embargo is not up until January though!

Now that God of War 3 is roughly four months away, the embargo lift should provide fans with some great information to talk about before the official release. Not only that, but judging by how good the demo was, the new information should provide the spark needed to generate some hype prior to release. Look out for more God of War 3 information next month as well as the official release date in March 2010.

Thanks TheHater for the tip!