LittleBigPlanet Getting Wet and Piratey Soon

December 16, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss

Captain Sack

At this year’s E3 Sony announced a partnership with Disney to bring the popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to the PlayStation 3 in the form of costumes for LittleBigPlanet, one month later they announced plans for water to be brought to the game, in the form of downloadable content. Little was heard of either of the expansions to the game, until recently, when trophy listings and insider sources pointed towards a collaboration of the two packs, which would land before Christmas. Now, Media Molecule, the developers of the game, has officially detailed and dated the DLC.

Instead of just an ordinary costume kit, the Pirates of the Caribbean update will also bring a new premium level pack, something that has only been done before with the best selling Metal Gear Solid Level Pack. The levels follow the loveable Sackboy as he travels deep into the Caribbean to battle The East India Trading Company and Pirates alike to find a legendary ship and take on the Kraken, with Davy Jones trying to thwart Sackboy, wreak havoc and claim some sack folk to serve as Davy’s Crew. The pack features six different levels, each containing a bounty of bonuses, from 133 stickers, to 14 decorations, 8 materials, 4 new music tracks, 27 objects and 11 brand new trophies. The pack will cost £4.79 / €5.99 / US $5.99 depending on where you reside.

Coupled with the kit is the gameplay feature of water, which is used in the level, and can also be used in your own level creation. Unfortunately, for those with dreams of creating complicated water parks, water can only be set as a global water level, which can then be altered with the Global Water Object throughout a level.  It cannot be placed as a material to make slides, waterfalls, rivers, etc, or placed within a small area to create a pool. Although, you can adjust the ferocity of the waves, the colour, the murkiness and the levels of confetti in the water.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

While the watery level pack may provide countless hours of fun, it does not provide any costumes, other than a painted cannibal. To see Captain Sack and other key characters from the film, you will require the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume kit for £4.79 / €5.99 / US $5.99. The pack includes Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Barbossa, Davy Jones, Will Turner and Tia Dalma. Alternatively, the costumes can be purchased separately for £1.59 / €1.99 / US $1.99. Interestingly, Sack Sparrow has received a LittleBigMakeover since his showing at E3.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit and matching Costume kit is set to lay anchor on December 22nd.


Waves – Choose between as still as a lake or a rolling ocean
Water Colour – Choose the colour of the water
Water Murkiness – Choose how murky you want the water to be
Water Bits – Choose how much confetti you want in your water