PlayStation LifeStyle Playlist 12/18/09

December 18, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


After yet another dreadful work week has past, gamers like to kick back and unwind by popping our favorite games into our favorite console. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are no different. Find out what the PSLS staff will be playing this weekend, and share your very own weekend gaming playlist.

As some of you may know I am Cameron Teague and I am the Social Media Manager here at PSLS. This weekend I plan on doing a bit less gaming then normal as I have some christmas parties to attend but when I am not dragged out to one of those I plan to start playing Dragon Age: Origins and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 from gamefly. Aside from those I will again be playing a lot of NHL 10, Modern Warfare 2 and some PixelJunk Shooter sprinkled in. On my PSP i am still trudging my way through Dissidia: Final Fantasy. So now let’s dive in and see just what everyone here at PSLS is playing.

Anthony Severino – Editor-In-Chief
This weekend I will be reviewing Buzz! Quiz World for the PSP. In fact most of my time will likely be dedicated to gaming on the PSPgo. If you haven’t got one yet, there is still time to put it on your Xmas wishlist! Other than that I’ll be playing Assassin’s Creed II which I haven’t even started yet although I bought it on launch. Sad isn’t it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Dan Massi – Author
Since I’ve created a new PSN account, I’m playing through all my games again. Having just beaten Uncharted 2, I’m now going into the first game in the series. After I’m done Uncharted, I’ll be moving onto Killzone 2. In PSN terms, I’m playing PixelJunk Shooter, which is incredibly addictive.

Jonathan Leack – Author
A good friend of mine finally got Modern Warfare 2 so I’ll be playing that a bit. I’m also going to be playing a bit of World of Warcraft with my leveling partner. We should be 80 within the next 10 days which will be nice. This will be my 8th max level character.

Joseph Peterson – Forums Administrator/Author
I’m currently playing through Dragon Age: Origins and Demon’s Souls. Still playing a bit of Final Fantasy VII here and there on my PSPgo. PixelJunk Shooter is another title that I am playing from time to time for a quick fix. Lots of great games, so little time.

Josh Fernandes – Author/Promo
Im going to try an finish Demon’s Souls. I can’t decide if I want to try to get past the red & gold skellys in world 4, or the Octopus men in world 3. I really hate those Octopus men. Im also going to start up Uncharted 2 on crushing difficulty. Definitely not looking forward to fighting the Lazaravich on crushing.

Kyle Phillips – Content Editor / Author
Being the week before Christmas, I doubt I’ll be playing anything new. I’ll try and squeeze in some sessions of PixelJunk Shooter in-between my bouts of NHL 10. I’ll maybe check out the MMO for Home. Loved the Xi phenomenon, hopefully this turns out to be as good.

Louis Edwards – Author
With the Holidays approaching we are having a family get together to decorate cookies, but several of the people coming will be wanting to try out some Fight Night Round 4 and Modern Warfare 2. I’ll also be falling back into my favorite PS3 game of all time, Ridge Racer 7.

Paul Eldridge – Editor
I’ll be doing some co-op casual gaming with Pixeljunk Shooter and the fun classic beat ’em up that slipped under many people’s radar, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons. I’ll also be tucking into the games I got for my birthday, Dragon Age and Buzz! Quiz World. (If you play Buzz! online, be on the lookout for Paul the swami guy–I will kick anyone’s butt at trivia.)

Paulmichael Contreras – Author
I am going to be playing the usual – A Crack in Time, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, maybe some Killzone 2. The ModNation Racers beta should kick off so I will definitely check that out when it goes live. Also gonna check out Sodium One, the new MMO for Home. Looks interesting! Oh and I will try to finish Hyperballoid HD so I can have a review ready by the end of the weekend.

Ryan Ordway – Technology Systems
I am going to be playing some more MW2 with the wife, play some of the Mod Nation Racers beta, some PixelJunk Shooter and try to get through some of my game backlog like finishing Wolfenstein or the Fallout DLC, maybe the Borderlands DLC.

Sebastian Moss – Author/European PR
On PS3 I’ll be working out ‘whodunnit’ in Blue Toad Murder Mystery Files, building an impossible death drop in ModNation Racers Beta, begging random strangers for money to get PixelJunk Shooter, and convincing myself to wait for the GOW Trilogy edition, rather than import the collection. While on PSP, I’ll be playing some PSP minis that catch my fancy and hopefully be remote playing PJ Shooter.

Thomas Williams – Author
Seeing as how I beat Assassin’s Creed 2 recently, I’m going to focus my attention on…The God of War Collection!!! I beat God of War: Chains of Olympus a month ago, now I’m going through GOW again and going through my first journey of GOW II. Oh, I’ll also be taking part in the ModNation Racers beta starting this Friday. If anyone is man enough to challenge me (And is also part of the beta, lol)

So what are you going to find in your PS3 or PSP most of this weekend?