PSP Comics: But Wait, There’s More!

December 19, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

"Soon with audio!"

"Soon with audio!"

The PSP Comic Reader is now in full force. Its unique Autoflow system allows for a much more dynamic reading of comics, with camera shakes and pans, which can grant the comic’s creators the ability to place emphasis on the right areas of a panel. It looks as though there is more in store for comic lovers…

IDW Publishing, one of the major publishers of comics for the PSP Comic Reader, tweeted the following:

“Editing more audio tracks from @Templesmith for Wormwood on the PSP.”

So it appears we can expect to see audio tracks featured in comics in the near future. This brings digital comics into a new realm, perhaps making them even more engrossing in the process. How do you feel about this possibility? Let us know in the comments.