Get Double the Badman on One UMD

December 24, 2009Written by Cameron Teague

NIS America and the soon to be released Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2are trying their hardest to make things easy on future customers when it comes to purchasing both games. They have announced that for those who purchase Badman 2 on UMD will find a surprise (atleast before they announced it) in that Badman 1 is also on the same UMD, giving you two games on one disc.

So that is $30 dollars for two games on a single UMD disc, though to access the first one you will be required to key in a code at the main screen.  If you however do not feel like buying the UMD disc or you hate codes, you can buy Badman 1 & 2 off the PlayStation Store for close to $30.  While on the subject of Badman 2, the demo is available now on the PlayStation Store and is rather robust with six training stages, three regular stages, and new long Omnoms to play with.