Creat Hits the Water with a New Wakeboarding Title

December 25, 2009Written by Richard Allen

Creat Studios is well known for their unique downloadable titles they bring to the PlayStation Network. They have already developed seven games for the PSN and played the role of publisher for Cuboid. Since the release of Smash Cars some have been wondering what was next from Creat. According to the ESRB the next title will be a water sport.

The ESRB has reported that Creat Studios’ next title will be Wakeboarding HD. ESRB information is very limited but its likely this will follow the same distribution path as previous Creat Studios offerings.

This is an arcade-style sports game in which players can ride wakeboards in oceanic races, perform stunts, and complete wakeboarding missions. Some missions encourage players to crash through scattered objects in the water (e.g., billboards, bins, or even stylized bombs). Players can also surf into “cartoony” sharks, resulting in a brief shrieking sound before they are quickly returned to the race.