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EGM Coming Back, Time Warner to Help

December 25, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Welcome Back!

Electronic Gaming Monthly, or EGM for short, was a long-running gaming magazine that launched in 1989. When news hit that the January 2009 issue would be the last publication ever, fans were understandably upset. But later in the year it was announced that the magazine would be revived. That time is almost upon us.

In a recently released press release, EGM has announced a partnership with Time Warner to market the new magazine when it finally re-launches in March 2010. New to the publication will be a redeemable code for EGM[i], a “weekly digital interactive version of the magazine.” This will be meant to enhance the print edition of the magazine and provide a way to update news as facts become available. Who among you will renew or buy a new subscription?