Heavy Rain Bridges the Gap Between Game & Reality

December 25, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack

When Heavy Rain was shown for its very first time at E3 2006, thousands were surprised at just how real the game looked. As seen in the previous game by Quantic Dream, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain is game that is full of story and cinematic experiences. The real question is, when a game is as much of an interactive movie experience like Heavy Rain, should it still be considered a game?

In a recent interview with the head of the Heavy Rain Project, David Cage, he expressed thoughts that perhaps Heavy Rain is bridging the gap between reality, movie and videogame. When explaining the game and how it has evolved during development, David Cage stated the following:

“Heavy Rain is not a videogame anymore in my mind because it breaks with most of the traditional paradigms, but it’s fully interactive. If the format becomes successful, we will probably have to find a different name for this type of experience.”

Since the beginning of gaming developers and gamers alike have strived for an experience that is as believable as a full-feature film but interactive enough to engage the player. Now that Quantic Dream have released several trailers and have even shown off gameplay footage, it is starting to look like Heavy Rain might be the first game to create this highly-desired experience. While games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Batman: Arkham Asylum have done an outstanding job of delivering a great cinematic experience, there is still a level of immersion that is left to be desired.

Look out for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain in mid-February 2010.