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Blast Off! Soundtrack Now for Free

December 30, 2009Written by Cameron Teague

Developers Halfbrick have decided to join in on the Holiday Season and thus are giving out the soundtrack for their addicitive PSP Mini game Blast Off! for FREE.  So that is 5 songs from the game at zero charge to you!

Blast Off! released back in November and features addicitive gameplay through 50 levels for the low price of $2.99.  In the game you are tasked with flying your little spaceship around the galaxy picking up stranded astronauts and bringing them back to your gate, all while battling a tough foe called gravity.

The soundtrack comes in an MP3 format or an Apple Lossless version.  If you want the MP3 version you must have a torrent client to download it from as that is the format it comes in.  So if you ready to download then check out the link below and enjoy some solid tunes.

Blast Off! Soundtrack