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Modern Warfare Christmas Knock Off

December 30, 2009Written by Steven Garcia

Ah, grandparents. When they’re not busy forgetting what year it is, where their glasses are (hint: you’re wearing them), or telling well spun stories of their glorified youth, they’re traversing the depths of department stores, armed with the best of intentions, searching for the right gifts as they try to decipher your holiday wish list. Although, that’s easier said than done as more often then not, something tends to get lost in translation.

Enter Syaoran07. It’s Christmas morning and he’s been anxiously counting down the days to when he’ll finally be able call a copy of Activision and Infinity Ward’s latest offspring his own. With laser sharp accuracy, he calmly homes in on the game case shaped box under the tree. Unable to contain his anticipatory excitement, his heart pounds exponentially harder as he picks it up and tears away at the wrapping paper, revealing this:

All is not lost, however, as it seems Syaoran07 apparently enjoyed the movies and was considerate enough to graciously thank his grandparents for the gift, after he “started laughing really hard”, of course.