ModNation Racers Provides a Full Arsenal

December 30, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack

ModNation Racers is one of the most anticipated and easily one of the most original titles coming in 2010. As seen in Mark Riddell’s Track Studio Walkthrough, the creative portion of ModNation Racers is easy to grasp but deep and rich full of designable content. The great thing about the title is that not only is the creative side of the game enjoyable, but the gameplay itself is fun and satisfying.

Recently, Mat Thomas from United Front Games gave a gameplay demonstration of the racing portion of ModNation Racers. During the video Mat Thomas shows off drafting, drifting, weapons, tricks and more. The demonstration was also given on one of the several developer created maps that can be found in the ongoing closed beta for the title.

Check out the video below for Mat Thomas’ ModNation Racing Walkthrough:

[viddler id=95e2e62&w=545&h=349]