Dante’s Inferno: Death Edition Details Revealed

February 1, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

As of late, the UK seems to be getting some great limited editions. Well, here is another to add to the list. Dante’s Inferno will have a limited edition that is exclusive to the UK. Titled “Dante’s Inferno: Death Edition,” the game, which is being developed by Visceral Games, is set for release later this week. Full details of the special edition follow.

First and foremost, the title will feature different cover art in the “Death Edition.” Additionally, the Death Edition contains:

  • Playable Dead Space outfit for Dante
  • Making of Dante’s Inferno
  • Documentation about the historical Dante.
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Documentation: Soundtrack
  • Digital Wayne Barlowe Artbook
  • Scene from the Dante’s Inferno animated movie.
  • Complete poem in digital form

Considering this is a UK exclusive, how many of our UK readers plan on picking this title up, and will you be getting the “Death Edition”?