E-Play Falls and GameStop Remains King

February 2, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

In the past few years, GameStop‘s resound success in the used game market has played a large part in the corporation’s rise to power. With such a huge boost of revenue from used game sales, this success recently enticed both Walmart and Best Buy to try their hands in the business. In a negative but potentially unsurprising turn of events, both have given up.

E-Play, the main engine for driving used games sales and trade for both Walmart and Best Buy has officially suspended operations. Walmart and Best Buy have relied on E-Play kiosks to manage their used game operations since their inception during 2009. Since neither company has managed to captivate an audience with their used games campaign, it is more than likely that neither will pursue a new front.

With almost no competition in the used game sales market, GameStop looks to continue its domination of the market and further increase profits.