Star Trek Beaming Its Way Onto Consoles

February 2, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Cryptic Studios is hard at work on the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO. They are working with publisher Atari to deliver a genuine Star Trek experience to gamers. The game is launching tomorrow in the U.S. and February 5th in the UK. This means nothing to us console gamers, right? Wrong.

Craig Zinkievich, the executive producer of STO, recently talked to CVG about the upcoming release. CVG discussed the possibility of porting the title to the videogame consoles on the market. Zinkievich responded with:

“We would love to get STO to the console. At launch it will just be available for the PC but here at Cryptic we want our games across multiple platforms. But we’ll have to see how Star Trek does and then secondly we want to do it justice and not hurry something along just to get it on the console.”

Given the popularity of Star Trek, this could do quite well if ported over to consoles. There are several PC owners that are looking forward to the MMO hitting the PC.