The Last Guardian Official Website Has Been Unleashed

February 2, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Since being revealed to the world at last year’s E3, news regarding  Team ICO’s potential ‘masterpiece’ in the making, The Last Guardian has been practically non-exist.  We reported yesterday that Sony had registered the domains for the game and guess what? The Japanese Site is now live.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to the site at the moment. The same two videos that have been around since 2009 and plenty of screenshots to continue to drool over. Still this has to be good news for us PlayStation fans as this could be a hint that the game is still on course for 2010 and could be much further along than anyone thought.

You better believe that when any and all information about this PS3 mega-exclusive is released, you’ll hear about it here at PlayStation lifeStyle.

Check out the Japanese website here.