EyePet 2 Announced by Sony Europe

February 5, 2010Written by Dan Massi

EyePet, the interactive PlayStation Eye title centered around having a virtual pet, hasn’t even been released in North America yet. However, that hasn’t stopped from a sequel already being announced.

Sony Europe head honcho George Fornay confirmed EyePet 2, stating that the title was currently in development. He even went on to say that EyePet 2 could arrive this year on PlayStation 3. No further information was given. The original released in Europe on October 23rd 2009, although (as stated above), it still has not reached North America. The game was delayed from it’s original US October release into 2010, with many believing it was to coincide with the PlayStation Arc (motion controller). Now that the Arc has been delayed as well, EyePet may be seeing a late 2010 release for North America. But really, who knows?

If you’re in Europe, did you buy EyePet? What would you like to be improved for the sequel? And for North American readers, will you be picking up the game when it hits? Post your comments, and share your opinions, below!