Bayonetta Goes Platinum, Seduces Gamers’ Wallets

February 7, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Bayonetta, the highly controversial, yet critically acclaimed game from Platinum Games and publisher Sega has turned out to be one of the bigger surprises of the year for both companies, as they’ve released the sales figures for the title, and it has gone Platinum.

That’s right! Bayonetta now has something in common with her developer’s name as the title has gone on to sell over 1.1 million copies worldwide combined across the PS3 and 360 platforms. With rumors of a potential sequel and/or a spinoff for the series, it seems the future is bright for Bayonetta.

For those interested in Bayonetta, check out our review. A patch which allows you to install the game’s data has since been released which greatly improves the games load times, so if you’ve been waiting to give the game a try, there’s no better time to sink your teeth into Bayonetta.