Game ‘Stopped’ by New York

February 7, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Video game retailer Gamestop has encountered immense success in the business’s life-cycle due to its secured exclusivities, ownership of EB Games and Game Informer, and of course their used game sales. While being the king of video game retail, the corporation has received its fair share of flack. After all, with great success comes the inevitable scrutiny.

Like any retail outlet, Gamestop employs the use of membership incentives. And while the practice seems mischievous as it is to some consumers already, the New York Attorney General may have found legitimate foul play Gamestop’s consumer deals. The New York lawyer claims to have uncovered the sharing of consumer information, such as credit card credentials, with external entities whom then regularly charge an amount to the consumer; all resulting from the agreement to an incentive at a retailer like Gamestop.

According to the attorney, Andrew Cuomo:

“This online scheme has impacted the finances and tried the patience of tens of millions of consumers nationwide. Well-known companies are tricking customers into accepting offers from third party vendors, which then siphon money from consumers’ accounts.”

The obvious advice would be to not agree to these ridiculous deal (we’re looking at you, EDGE card) but just in case, keep a regular eye on credit card activity online or by phone with the bank or provider in between monthly statements. Unfortunately, due to fine-print, its is difficult if not impossible to dispute these charges hidden, recurring charges.

The good news is, already, companies like Fandango are barring this malpractice and even investing in repaying their customers for damages. As for Gamestop, it along with several other businesses summoned by the state of New York have yet to respond. But as usual, stick to PlayStation LifeStyle for news on this and more.