Solid Snake’s Legacy Becomes PS3’s Top Seller

February 7, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

When Metal Gear Solid 4 released back in 2008, it was instantly met with critical acclaim. Some hailed it one of the best games of all time, while others respected the deep level of storytelling that the title provided.

According to Konami’s official fiscal year sales document, Metal Gear Solid 4 has sold over 5 million copies since release. With the release of the PlayStation 3 Slim last year, sales of the title soared as new consumers embraced the platform. In fact, roughly 650,000 units of the epic ending to the Solid Snake’s legacy were sold in fiscal year 2009.

With sales trouncing the 5 million copy milestone, Metal Gear Solid 4 has officially become the best-selling PlayStation 3 exclusive to date.