Gas Powered Goes Medieval with Kings and Castles

February 16, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Ready to get behind the scenes of game development while going Medieval in process?  Grab your sword then because Gas Powered Games, the development group behind Supreme Commander have announced Kings and Castles for the PS3, 360 and PC.  The game is a Real Time Strategy game where players wear the crown of one of 3 powerful kings all vying for control over a fantasy world.

The unique thing about the game and really more about the development is that Gas Powered Games is going to use Facebook, Twitter, the official website and other social networking tools to give its fans a mostly unfiltered look inside the development process of Kings and Castles.

“We’re doing something different this time around,” said Chris Taylor, Creative Director of Gas Powered Games.  “We want to take our fans on a great adventure with us. They’ll get to go behind-the-scenes and watch the game come to life from start to finish.”

Check out Video Blog # 1 below and feast your eyes on chickens!