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Today’s Forecast: Heavy Rain Hits North America

February 23, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream’s “gripping psychological thriller”  hits retail store shelves across North America today. The PS3 exclusive features hollywood-style cinematics and unique decision-based gameplay which lets the player ultimately decide the outcome of the compelling emotion-driven storyline. An experience that Sony says can only be had on the PS3…

As Heavy Rain trickles on to retail shelves today in North America, Sony’s confidence in the “interactive drama” remains strong. SCEA’s VP of Product Marketing, Scott A. Steinberg, is particularly eager to get the game in the hands of gamers.

“Tapping into the power and technology of PS3, Quantic Dream has pushed gaming boundaries to the limits, placing emotion at the forefront of the Heavy Rain experience,”

“This dark and mysterious story delivers a setting and mood that truly attests to the true film noir feel of the game. We’re eager for fans to enter this world and experience their own unique story, one that can only be had on PS3.”

Sony is right to boast, Heavy Rain is truly a unique game in a market lacking innovation. Great care and plenty of creativity went into Heavy Rain and is detailed in this morning’s press release:

To create the interactive story-telling experience that Heavy Rain delivers, developer David Cage spent more than a year writing a 2,000 page script of linear dialogue and worked with a cast of 70 actors to bring the script alive. Possible only through the power of the PS3 system, Heavy Rain took a development team of 220 highly skilled people over the course of 170 days to create the game’s extensive motion capture action and unique interactive narrative.

If you didn’t pre-order Heavy Rain, you wont get free access to the first episode of the downloadable Heavy Rain Chronicles. Fret not however, as the episode will cost just $4.99 on the PlayStation Store at a later date.

Be sure to pick up Heavy Rain today, its a title that truly should not be missed. If you are still on the fence about the game, check out our review. Expect our spoiler-filled Heavy Rain Trophy Guide later today.