Joe Danger Readies 50-Bus Jump to PSN

February 27, 2010 Written by Thomas Williams

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for Excitement! Thrills! And Spectacular jumps as Joe Danger readies his amazing acrobatic skills on a Motorcycle this Spring only on the PSN.

What’s Joe Danger all about you ask? Developer Hello Games have but one vision– To make games that will put a ‘Stoopid Grin’ on your face..and Joe Danger most certainly does that! Nominated for two awards at the Independent Game Festival, Joe Danger is a Motorcycle daredevil along the lines of Evil Kenevil, yet he makes Evil look like child’s play! Don’t believe me? Just check out the 100% Awesome Sauce of a trailer below.

Joe Danger looks to 1080 flip his way over a bath of ninja-sharks this Spring, only on the PSN.