PS3 Review – MotoGP 09/10

March 21, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The control scheme is brand new, with the left analog stick dedicated to steering, the left trigger used for the front brake, and the right trigger used for acceleration. Newcomers will likely take some time to get acclimated with the controls. There is an option to display a helpful green racing line. This allows players to get accustomed to taking sharp corners with ease, although it may not suit a seasoned cycle racer enthusiast.

MotoGP 09/10 visuals have dramatically improved from its predecessors. Although it doesn’t pack the same stunning visuals of other racers such as Dirt 2, it still offers some graphical moxie. The frame rate is solid even when the track gets a little log-jammed. Monumental integrated some detailed visuals, such as, highly advanced dynamic lighting in every track. This titles does offer that feeling of sitting on a super bike tearing around life-like tracks with ridiculous speed. The audio is bland overall and seems slightly neglected. Bikes sound underpowered and the adrenaline boosting soundtrack is suitable, yet forgettable.

Variety will keep you coming back for more with the different modes included.  MotoGP 09/10 features a time trail mode, arcade, and multiplayer. Multiplayer comes in the form of two player local split-screen or a 20 bike online competition. The online races pack tons of fun, especially when racing with friends. The multiplayer component has a lot of potential considering the future DLC to extend the experience.

Though new to the series, Monumental promises regular updates including the 2010 MotoGP season data.  Which expands the on disc 2009 season content. Free DLC for the 2010 season starting April 11th, will be available to entice MotoGP racers to come back for more. This inevitably means that there likely won’t be another MotoGP title until 2011.

MotoGP 09/10 takes this long-running series in an exhilarating new direction, which explores one of the world’s most exciting competitive sports. The on disc content offers a great value with all of the riders and content for the 09′ MotoGP season and free 2010 DLC makes this a must have for any motorcycle racing enthusiast. Monumental provides an immersive and rewarding career mode along with the 20-player online mode that caps off a great reboot to the MotoGP franchise.

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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Exciting and deep career mode

More than enough free DLC to keep you going

Presentation excels beyond expectations

7 out of 10

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