Outraged Consumers Voice Complaints About OtherOS Removal

April 3, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Only a handful of weeks ago, information involving the potential to hack the PlayStation 3 was shared on the hacker known as Geohot’s blog. Since the PlayStation 3 is the only current-generation console to remain unhacked, and the hacker George Hotz (he is also responsible for first hacking the iPhone) is a bit famous in the “hacker” world, the information circulated the web at an enormous rate. Sony obviously didn’t approve of this, and has since released a firmware update to prevent the hacking before it spreads. However, this wasn’t enjoyed by many PlayStation 3 owners, and many are looking to strike back.

A movement of consumers who are outraged by the recent firmware update and more specifically the removal of the OtherOS feature on “fat” PlayStation 3 consoles has gone into motion in the past few days.  Messages like the one seen below have been littered and advertised across the web:

“Feel free to forward this to anyone that was affected by the 3.21 update. Twitter, Facebook, post it on news sites.

If you have been affected by Sony’s 3.21 update file a complaint to the BBB and the FTC and your corresponding Attorney General.

It is very easy and completely online forms. Just go to the respective websites

www. bbb. org/ us/ — click on file a complaint

www. ftccomplaintassistant .gov — click on complaint assistant

NOTE: Delete the spaces in the URL’s above”

The OtherOS feature was removed due to it being a potential exploit to allow hacking of the one thought to be unhackable PS3. While the more recent Slim PlayStation 3s never supported the OtherOS feature, a handful of owners of the older, “fat” PS3 models are outraged. Many argue that the feature was part of the purchase and an additional reason to buy the PlayStation 3 console to begin with. While OtherOS was considered a very minor addition to the hardware, the few that took advantage of it have become very vocal over the past few days. Hopefully Sony will do something to remedy the large crowd of unhappy consumers before these complaints escalate any further. A firmware update that adds something meaningful might be a good start.


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