Zipper Interactive Has Exciting Forthcoming PS3 Developments

April 6, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

With stellar releases including the SOCOM games on the PlayStation 2 and the revolutionary 256-player MAG, Zipper Interactive has rightfully earned respect by many. With the recent announcement of SOCOM 4 as well as the title’s support of the hot upcoming commodity called PlayStation Move, Zipper seems to be at it again.

Zipper Interactive posted on their official Twitter account that they are very excited about what they have in store for gamers in the next few months. The following was posted by Zipper:

Thanks. Wait until you see what we have coming down the pipeline over the next few months. Very excited about it.

It’s not certain whether this applies to post-release MAG content or some new SOCOM 4 information, but what is certain is that it should be big for PlayStation 3 owners. With E3 2010 just around the corner, big announcements for the beloved PS3 platform are sure to hit hard, and Zipper Interactive looks like they will play a part in exciting shooter fans worldwide.