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Doc from The Tester Put to the Ultimate Test; Saves Life of PS3 Fan

April 14, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

Many of you PS3 owners out there may be familiar with Doc (Samuel) from the PlayStation Network reality series The Tester, but what you may not be familiar with is what this man does on a day-to-day basis when he’s not gaming. Just what exactly what does he do? Well, he saves lives… literally.

From the get-go, many people knew what Sam’s profession was outside of gaming; he was a former Marine, now paramedic and fireman. Kevin Furuichi, executive producer for the PSN even stated the following:

He’s actually a paramedic and fireman, but is so passionate about the industry that he put it on the line for this unknown show. Some folks are turned off by his larger-than-life personality, but the man’s got a heart of gold.

A heart of gold is certainly an understatement as Sam rolled a routine call late Monday night into Tuesday morning. A man was having a heart attack as Sam and his crew arrived, but here’s the thing, this wasn’t just any man, but loyal PSN and PlayStation Home member SpeedRacer1955. Speed is part of a club in PlayStation Home called the Nameless Ones, several members of which know Sam, but never expected the following response in their thread on the PlayStation Home forums:

Some of you know me as Doc from The Tester, Well I work on a Paramedic Ambulance here in Yakima, WA. This has got to be the oddest thing BUT I rolled the call that came out to Speed’s house. My partner and I did what we do and got him to the hospital. I will leave the intense stuff out but the long and short is I just got back from the hospital. Speed is no longer intubated, is talking and in good spirits. We talked about BFBC2 and The Tester. He is looking well and is eager to return to gaming with his friends. I thought you all would like an update and HIPPE was the one who guided me to the link here. If any thing we saved a tester fan, lol.

Needless to say, this turned out to be anything but a routine call, as Sam ended up saving the life of not only a dedicated gamer, PSN user and fan of the very show Sam was cast on, but a friend to any and all who cross paths with him. To have become PlayStation’s next game tester would have been awesome, but I’d place this quite a few notches above that, as this man is essentially a miracle worker on a daily basis and nothing short of a hero, as is all those who take up this profession.

Our immense gratitude goes out to Sam and our thoughts and prayers go out to Speed who is recovering up in Washington. Gamers saving gamers… awesome.

On a side note, look out for more from Doc as he’s now working here at PlayStation LifeStyle. Stay tuned.