Demon’s Souls Fighting More Than Expected

April 15, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Demon’s Souls, the critically acclaimed game from developed From Software was a hot item when it released, moving good numbers worldwide.  While the game had decent sales in Japan, the game moved 105,752 copies in the United States in its first week.  This was a big surprise to publisher Atlus USA who were expecting less overall sales.

Atlus planned for the game to sell 75,000 copies in the United States, but instead moved 280,000 copies by the end of their second fiscal quarter, February 28, 2010.  This has helped Atlus post a notable bump in profits for their first fiscal year, says their parent company, Index Holdings.  If you have not yet checked out this game, you should definitely find a copy at your local store or online.  To read more on the game, check out our review here.