Dead Rising 2 Gives Rise to Co-Op

April 21, 2010Written by Ray Conley

The thrill of slaying zombies has never dwindled among gamers, especially those familiar with the antics of Dead Rising.  Even though the first zombie slayer never made an appearance on the PlayStation 3, we are thrilled to know that the Sony crowd will get their taste of living-dead action with Capcom’s Dead Rising 2.  And this time around, you won’t have to do it alone, either.

Capcom is currently working a co-operative mode into Dead Rising 2.  The co-op mode will only be playable online and will not support splitscreen play.  Some websites have test driven a version of the co-op, but based on their remarks, it’s still a work in progress.

In the demonstration, both players take the role of Chuck Green (the main hero), but thankfully, there will be multiple outfits to personalize your character.  So far, players will only be able to do basic sparring with zombies–no mention of any special 2-player combos.  If a player falls, the surviving party can revive the player – a feature that multiplayer veterans are familiar with by now.  There was also no mention of any special game modes while engaged with a buddy.

The multiplayer component is still under development, and it’s good to know that Capcom has been listening to feedback to improve the final build.  Since games nowadays are heavily weighed by their multiplayer features, we can only hope that the co-op component will be polished by the time it hits shelves August 31st.