Namco Bandai Preparing PS3 Exclusive Onslaught

May 9, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

More PlayStation 3 exclusives could be on their way to our favorite black behemoth console in fiscal year 2011 by way of Namco Bandai. A recent outline of Namco’s publishing plans for the aforementioned fiscal year (April 2010 to March 2011) shows the publisher putting out 13 PS3 games and only 8 Xbox 360 games. I may not be a math whiz but that sounds to me like Namco has more in the works with Sony then Microsoft, which would equal more exclusives.. (see how that works.)

One of these titles is sure to be Another Century‚Äôs Episode: R, which is set to be released only on the PS3, but its anyone’s guess as to what the others could be. Could we finally be seeing the fruits of labor from Cellius, which for those who forgot is the partnership created between Sony and Namco created back in 2007 that has been mostly out of the news the past few years. With E3 and TGS closing in on us, we could be finding out pretty soon just what these games are.