Activision’s Bloodsoaked Hands Have Stained Modern Warfare

May 13, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

The Call of Duty series and more specifically the Modern Warfare titles, have quickly become one of the top-selling franchises of the gaming industry in the past decade. With the recent collapse of Infinity Ward, many have wondered what has become of the Call of Duty series, and if it will continue to dominate. According to several employees of EA, the damage caused is irreparable at this point.

When talking with EA Partners boss David DeMartini, CVG came across some powerful predictions regarding the future of the Call of Duty series. During an interview, David stated:

“A franchise is damaged – maybe never to be the same again. But then at the same time other things spring up. As one thing dies, you have Respawn popping up – who are going to do other great things in collaboration with us now.”

It is inarguable that Activision’s image has had at least a moderate impact on the franchise. Now that Treyarch has Call of Duty: Black Ops in development, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the series. More interesting will be to see what happens with the next Modern Warfare title, if it comes back and it should. The sales and power of the Modern Warfare series may forever be gone with the recent transpiring of events which may lead to a rise from a different developer’s franchise altogether.