Patcher Admits he Was Wrong About Red Dead Redemption

May 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter is famously known for making bold predictions, not all of which come to fruition. He recently stated that Red Dead Redemption doesn’t have a bright future in terms of sales, however, now he sees the potential success for Rockstars’ masterpiece.

Speaking to CVG earlier today, Pachter admits that Rockstar were right all along that the wild west shooter will sell well.

I suppose we should call them visionaries. I have been skeptical a long time, but they always believed that a Western, if done well, would sell well. It looks like they were right all along. Nobody can doubt that they made a great game.

After his kind words, he hopes Rockstar will send him a copy of Red Dead Redemption.

Maybe after that comment, they’ll finally send me a copy; they haven’t sent me any games since I doubted whether Bully would sell well.

When will you ever learn Michael? Red Dead Redemption is already out in the states and Europe will receive the hotly anticipated title tomorrow. Expect PSLS’s review soon.