Insomniac Games Excited About Upcoming Title

May 22, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

We all know that year after year, EA will release a new Madden, NBA Live, and a various amount of  other sports titles, right? However, did you happen to know that since 2002, Insomniac Games have released a yearly title also? I speak the truth! While there’s no confirmation as what this year’s title may be, Insomniac hasn’t been shy to tease us eager fans. Check out the latest hint inside.

Thanks to Insomniac’s Official Twitter feed, we now know the team is excited about their next game (It’s a Insomniac Game…so they should be!!)!!

Just had a weekly show and tell. Lots of cool stuff going into one of our games right now. Very exciting to see new stuff come online!

I’m sure plenty of our readers remember late last year when the now infamous Resistance 3 billboard appeared in Louisiana during a movie shoot. Seeing as how Insomniac’s newest yearly entry hasn’t been announced and with the World’s largest and most important gaming expo in the world, E3 starting in less than a month from now, I’d head to my local bookie and put my money on the odds that an E3 reveal for their newest game is in da plans.

After all, Sony has already let LittleBigPlanet 2 and SOCOM 4 out of the bag and news that Killzone 3 has been shown to the press (but is embargoed), Sony has to  have something saved for E3, right? right!?! With a team of 8 PlayStation LifeStyle Contributors heading to E3, PlayStation LifeStyle is going to be your one stop shop for any and all new PlayStation come this June 14, when E3 officially begins.