Motion Control Ports? Sony Says ‘No Wii Won’t’

May 24, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Ever since the PlayStation Move’s debut at E3 ’09, it’s been compared to the Wii. Either in good ways or bad, the comparisons haven’t stopped. Does this mean that PlayStation 3’s motion control line-up will be full of waggle-filled ports?

Not if SCEA Publisher Relation’s boss Rob Dyer has anything to say about it. Any inevitable Wii games that decide to “Move” on up to the PS3 will have to go through some serious changes before they are even given a chance. Things like higher resolutions, trophy support, and extra content are all great things to work on, but they still don’t guarantee a retail release. According to Dyer:

“We want to be a one-to-one experience.┬áThe Wii doesn’t have a camera. We’ve got a camera. Use that camera, implement that in there. A lot of these guys don’t want to. They just want to use the accelerometer and say, well… No. Not gonna happen. It doesn’t work that way. Put the camera in there, make it work with that, get your trophies, up-res is, put some more content in, come on down.”

So it looks like two things could possibly happen. Either the PS3 won’t be getting any lazily-ported shovelware any time soon, or it’ll get crappy games that look really, really good.


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