April is the Month of PlayStation in Japan

May 25, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

The Media Create hardware numbers for the month of April in Japan have been released and things are looking very good for Sony indeed. The numbers for the PS3 and PSP combined are a whopping 337,862 units with the PS3 counting for 151, 943 of those. On the other end of these numbers is the 360 coming in at 15,493 sold and the Wii sitting at 135,075. For a full list of the numbers, check it out below.

PSP – 183,919
PS3 – 151,943
Wii – 135,075
DSi LL – 100,346
DSi – 67,072
DS Lite – 17,185
Xbox 360 – 15,493
PSP go – 8,978
PS2 – 7,838

These are some great numbers for Sony in the land of the rising sun, though the PSP Go has to be a disappointment for Sony, only barely outselling the PS2.